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Installing Spring Security UI in a mint Grails installation: ============================================================

Make sure you have installed Spring Security. Open a terminal and go to your Grails application's home directory

cd path_to_your_grails_app

Then download the latest version of the plugin via GIT:

git clone

Ensure that the plugin install files are adapted to your version of Grails:

grails upgrade

Make your Grails app register the new plugins:

grails install-plugin spring-security-core grails install-plugin spring-security-acl grails install-plugin spring-security-ui

In case you encounter missing dependencies uncomment mavenCentral() in BuildConfig.groovy now do:

grails run-app

If your lucky it works now. If not you may have to install some plugins:

grails install-plugin mail jquery jquery-ui famfamfam

In case of jquery not found, you seamingly can't install it, but it should work anyway...

As a final measure ad the following to the top of .../com.myApp/grails-app/conf/Config.groovy : import com.myApp.* def springSecurityService