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Mailing Lists

For technical questions, the best place to ask and find answers is on Stack Overflow

The Grails Developer Discuss Google group provides a way to discuss the development of the framework and plugins and is for more broad discussions that aren't appropriate for Stack Overflow.

Old Mailing List Archive

The below links are to the archive of the older Codehaus mailing list which may be useful to search. For any new usage questions please post to Stack Overflow or the Google Group (see above).

Grails user list

This list was for Grails users to ask questions, share knowledge, and discuss issues related to using Grails to develop their applications.

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Grails SCM and JIRA list

This list included notifications of Github commits and activity on JIRA issues.

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All Grails lists

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Other resources

See also Forums and Grails on Twitter

Grails developer list

This list was for discussion of the development of Grails itself, not Grails-based applications.

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