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Get term frequencies for the terms in the search index.


searchableService.termFreqs(String propertyNames...)
searchableService.termFreqs(Map options, String propertyNames...)
searchableService.termFreqs(Map options)

DomainClass.termFreqs(String propertyNames...)
DomainClass.termFreqs(Map options, String propertyNames...)
DomainClass.termFreqs(Map options)


A term frequency represents a term in the index (where a term is normally a word) and its frequency in the index (number of occurances).

_Term frequencies_ (often abbreviated to "term freqs") is just the plural of that, ie, a collection of terms and their respective frequencies.

With term frequencies you can discover which terms are more common and which are less common, or find out the exact number of occurances of each.

Term frequencies can be limited to the subset of class hierarchy, if called as a domain class static method or with a class option, and/or class properties, if the propertyNames parameter or properties option is provided.

You can also normalize the returned frequencies, which can make tag clouds easy, for example.

_TODO show/link to tag cloud example_


  • @propertyNames@ - An arbitrary number of domain class property names. If defined, only terms for these properties are returned
  • @options@ - A Map of options


  • @properties@ - A List of property names; use this to get term freqs for multiple properties
  • @size@ - The maximum number of term freqs to return. Default is all
  • @normalise@ or @normalize@ - A Groovy Range used to normalise the frequencies. Without this option the frequencies of the returned term freqs are the actual number of occurences for the term in the index.
  • @class@ - The class to restrict the term freqs to
  • @sort@ - Sorts the term frequencies; either "term" to sort alphabetically by term or "freq" to sort by highest frequency first. Default is @"freq"@


An array of @CompassTermFreq@s, each with the following methods:

  • @getTerm@ - returns the term
  • @getFreq@ - returns the frequency
  • @getProperty@ - returns the searchable property from which the term comes


// print all Book term frequencies
def termFreqs = Book.termFreqs()
termFreqs.each { 
    println "${it.term} occurs ${it.freq} times in the index for Book instances" 

// get Book term frequencies for Book#title
def termFreqs = Book.termFreqs("title")

// get Book term frequencies for Book#title, 
// limiting the size to 100 and normalising the frequencies
// between 0 (minimum) and 1 (maximum)
def termFreqs = Book.termFreqs("title", size: 100, normalize: 0..1)

// get terms from all properties in the index, 
// sorting by term and limited to the Author class
def termFreqs = Author, sort: "term")

// get terms from searchable "title" and "description" properties
// in the index, limiting and normalsing
def termFreqs =
    properties: ["title", "description"], size: 1000, normalise: 0..1