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Lastest version, recommended if you are using Grails 1.1.1.


This release fixes some bugs and includes new features. It is a recommended upgrade for all users.

It has been tested with Grails 1.0.3, 1.0.4 and 1.1-beta1.

JIRA release notes are here


This release includes several bug fixes, adds few new search methods, exposes more Compass mapping options in the mapping DSL, uses the standard Grails config notation, and is now better tested :-)

This release has been tested and confirmed working on Grails 1.0.4 and 1.0.3. It may or may not work on earlier versions.

If you are upgrading from an older version of the plugin, please read the #Deprecated and #Bundles libs sections below.

New domain class/SearchableService methods and options


Finds similar objects to the indicated searchable domain class instance. Docs


Suggest a new search query based on spelling. Docs


As an alternative to the search@, @searchTop@, @searchEvery and countHits methods you can pass a new result option to the search method to indicate what to return.

Additionally the search method now supports a suggestQuery option, which returns a suggested query along with search results for the original query. Docs

Mapping DSL

The mapping DSL has better support for Compass Searchable Property, Reference and Component.

Improved Searchable Id support.

Support for class mapping including constant meta data and the all field.

Config improvements

The plugin's configuration file now uses the same tech as your Config.groovy@, so it now supports per-environment settings.

Bugs fixed

GRAILSPLUGINS-254 - Trying to marshall null id [id]

GRAILSPLUGINS-353 - org.hibernate.AssertionFailure collection was not processed by flush after calling = params

Other New and Noteworthy

GRAILSPLUGINS-464 - Automatically unlocks locked indexes on startup

GRAILSPLUGINS-299 - The @index method can be used for all instances of a class

This release splits the plugin into two versions, one called "searchable" for JDK 1.5+, and another called "searchable14" for JDK 1.4 users. They are almost identical except for a few files and will be maintained and released in tandem as long as Grails itself supports JDK 1.4.

The plugin itself now has its own functional test suite, which better reflects the multitude of Grails domain class possibilities for mapping, searching etc.

And it is now built on a (private) Continuous Integration server against the current production and development branches of Grails.


This release deprecates a few features which will be removed in the next point release (0.6).

The index management methods indexAll@, @unindexAll and reindexAll are deprecated; please use index@, @unindex@, @reindex instead, which provide the same functionality.

The SearchableConfiguration.groovy file is deprecated. If you currently have a SearchableConfiguration.groovy@, run @grails install-searchable-config to add a copy of the new config file to your project, place your settings in the new file and delete the old.

The defaultSearchOptions confg setting allowed you to define default options for your domain class/SearchableService search method. This idea has been expanded to accomodate the other Searchable methods, and you now define these defaults on a per-method basis in the defaultMethodOptions config setting. (See the new config file for details.)

Bundles libs

This release includes Compass 2.1.0 and Lucene 2.4.

Indexes based on an older version of the plugin/Compass/Lucene should be rebuilt.

If you have your own Lucene/Compass extensions, you wish to consult their release notes here Compass and here Lucene.


This is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs - see JIRA for details:

It bundles a patched version of Compass 1.2.2 specifically for GRAILSPLUGINS-254. I (Maurice) will give the code to the Compass project and hope they will include it in future versions of Compass.