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Version 1.1.4

  • Uses the 1.2.0 release of Apache Shiro
  • Add the cas support
  • the security.shiro.cas.enable will enable/disable the cas client
  • the security.shiro.cas.serverUrl , security.shiro.cas.serviceUrl must be configured, security.shiro.cas.loginUrl , security.shiro.cas.logoutUrl are optional.All the cas vars are used to configure CAS client.

Version 1.1

  • Uses the 1.1 release of Apache Shiro
  • SHA-256 is now used by the default credential matcher
  • New ShiroSecurityService that can be used to encode passwords with the same hash algorithm as the configured credential matcher: shiroSecurityService.encodePassword(password)
  • Renamed quick-start command to shiro-quick-start
  • Realms can implement the org.apache.shiro.authc.LogoutAware interface and be notified of when the user logs out
  • the security.shiro.filter.config setting is deprecated in favour of security.shiro.filter.filterChainDefinitions + other configuration options. It will continue to work though.

Breaking changes

  • WebUtils and SavedRequest (used in the recent AuthController templates) have moved from the org.apache.shiro.web package to org.apache.shiro.web.util
  • shiroSecurityManager no longer has a login() method, so AuthController should use SecurityUtils.subject.login() instead
You can also see which issues have been fixed in the JIRA release notes.

Version 1.0

  • These are changes from the last version of the JSecurity plugin*
  • Configuration settings now start security.shiro rather than jsecurity .
  • Except jsecurity.legacy.filter.enabled which is now security.shiro.annotationdriven.enabled .
  • All org.jsecurity packages are now org.apache.shiro .
  • New create-wildcard-realm command that creates a database realm based on Shiro's wildcard string permissions. This is simpler than the old DB realm.
  • Access control by convention now uses wildcard permissions rather than JsecBasicPermission .
  • You can now configure an alternative login URL that the plugin will redirect to: security.shiro.redirect.uri .
  • You can now override the default permission resolver, remember me manager and authentication strategy by defining your own beans with the appropriate names ( shiroPermissionResolver , shiroRememberMeManager , shiroAuthenticationStrategy ).
  • Implemented GRAILSPLUGINS-627: you can now protect URLs using Shiro's standard FormAuthenticationFilter .
  • Fixed GRAILSPLUGINS-869: HTTP Basic authentication no longer throws an exception for an empty username or password.
  • The quick-start command now creates a wildcard permission based database realm, although it has the default name ShiroDbRealm when installed.
There is one important breaking change if you already have an AuthController class generated from an earlier version of the Shiro or JSecurity plugins: