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Unified Configuration


To provide a comprehensive, flexible and convention oriented mechanism for specifying all configurable aspects of an application.


The application config is held in one master {{ConfigObject}} which is made available within the application through the {{grailsApplication}} instance as {{grailsApplication.config}}. This master config object can be contributed to through different means to accommodate different requirements. Config elements are also made available directly to artifacts through injection, based on convention.

Config Gathering



All files that are in a grails-app/conf directory and Config.groovy will be expected to be ConfigSlurper suitable scripts. These files will be collectively parsed and merged in the the master application config.

The config scripts will be parsed in alphabetical order based on the class name. As each config script is merged into the master config object, collisions may occur. Hence, declaring the order of parsing is important for predictability and readability.

Externalised Config